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Trec Beta Alanine Powder

Trec Beta Alanine Powder

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  • Contains vitamin B6, contributing to the maintenance of proper energy metabolism;

  • Three flavors available: grapefruit, watermelon and lemon cola;

  • It is recommended to athletes practicing sports, regardless of their discipline.


BETA-ALANINE POWDER is a dietary supplement containing a sweetener. This supplement contains vitamin B6, which contributes to the maintenance of normal energy metabolism.

This supplement is recommended for people who practice both aerobic and anaerobic sports.

BETA-ALANINE powder is a product for professional athletes.
NOTE The product has strong hygroscopic properties (strongly absorbs moisture). The formation of lumps or a uniform (lumpy) consistency is not a sign of a loss of product properties. In this case, the product should be shredded again.

The package contains 180g powder.

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