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Mega Grip

Liquid Chalk 250ml

Liquid Chalk 250ml

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Mega-Grip Liquid Chalk is a fluid that is applied to the hands or feet to improve your grip and also reduce sweating.

Liquid Chalk does not transfer to equipment, and unlike traditional chalk powder leave powder stains on clothing and stops chalk being inhaled.

  • CLIMB HIGHER, TRAIN HARDER- Improves grip strength and dramatically reduces sweating. Allowing you to maximise your output and focus on what’s important.
  • QUICK AND SIMPLE TO APPLY – Dries in seconds, lasts for hours and comes off with a bit of soapy water.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Fantastic for free solo climbs, bouldering, weight lifting/ bodybuilding and abdominal workouts, pole dancing classes, Crossfit and even Ashtanga yoga.
  • MINIMAL MESS – Unlike traditional chalk it leaves little residue or dust, perfect for public gyms, yoga classes and pole dancing studios.
  • 250ml Resealable Bottle – Use on the go without worrying about leaking.
  • Made in EU

Mega-Grip radically improves friction, it virtually stops your hands sweating. Some people find that they do not need to use chalk at all with Mega-Grip on their hands.

You can use Mega-Grip Liquid Chalk on its own for a variety of activities: Yoga and Pilates Practice, Weight Lifting, Rock Climbing or for anything you can think of where you need your hands to grip.

One application is often enough for a Yoga Session or a climbing route, the time it lasts obviously varies with the individual, but MEGA-GRIP is quick enough to re-apply when needed quickly.

Using MEGA-GRIP means that you don’t have to worry as much about chalking up in the middle of a sequence of moves, and you can therefore concentrate on your Yoga, Pilates, climbing or weight lifting.

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