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Better Bodies

Better Bodies Glut Force Resistance bands

Better Bodies Glut Force Resistance bands

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The Better Bodies Glute Force band is the training partner that will deliver you an instagram worthy posterier. It is an entirely portable method of targeting the glutes wherever you might be training - in the gym or at home in front of a television.

Available in three different resistance levels - heavy / medium / light - it comes in one size (33cm / 13 inches) and only the resistance level and colour varies.

The band itself is made of Cotton and augmented with rubber for high stretchability:

  • Heavy - Wash Green: 75% Cotton, 25% Rubber
  • Medium - Black/Yellow: 80% Cotton 20% Rubber
  • Light - White: 85% Cotton, 15% Rubber 


Size Guide

Heavy- Wash Green
Medium- Black/Yellow
Light- White 



Hand wash only, no drier

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